Spring Break Cancun 2018 ¡VAMOS!

Cancun spring break party

Spring Break Cancun 2018, let’s get this party started!

Cancun has long been the favored destination for college students looking to let loose on their spring breaks from school. Hot weather, endless parties and throngs of like-minded people just looking to have a good time make it the perfect spot to take a break from studying and hard work. So, how do you get the most out of your Cancun spring break?


Stay where the Cancun partiers stay. Or not.

Cancun spring break 2018 beach oasis

How do you choose your Cancun hotel for spring break? If you want to be in the thick of things, go where the masses go and reserve in one of the “spring break Cancun headquarters” hotels like the Krystal or the Oasis for the party that just doesn’t stop. Coming for spring break doesn’t have to mean foam parties and sick beats and shots all day long, you will find quieter or more economic hotels where you can take refuge when you need a break from the fun. Staying downtown may mean a bus ride to get to the beach and the nightclubs, but it’s a super option for those traveling Cancun on a budget.

For those traveling during spring break dates but are NOT looking for the party, there are oodles of options for quieter resorts where you can just relax and chill or enjoy time as a family with younger kids. The family-friendly resorts generally have policies against loud parties, just because it’s Spring Break doesn’t mean it’s all “girls gone wild’ everywhere. Nowadays families are finding more and more airbnb options to fit their traveling style and budget, a wonderful way to discover a home away from home.

Book Your Cancun Tours in Advance

Catamaran Cancun to Isla Mujeres Spring break

Spring break Cancun is absolutely the busiest time of the year, everyone looking for fun in the sun! Don’t miss out on your favourite Cancun tours, reserving in advance will save you money and time and stress! The bucket list, must-do Cancun tours we recommend are a day trip to Chichen Itza, a catamaran cruise to Isla Mujeres and a day of history, culture and nature at Xcaret Park. Real adventurers will love the adrenaline of an Xplor zipline tour or scuba diving the incredible Mesoamerican Reef.

Cancun nightclub Coco Bongo

Did you know you can reserve your Cancun nightclub tickets in advance? Booking ahead means no lines, no waiting, reserved spots in the hottest clubs and total VIP service. Spring break Cancun 2018 is going to be LIT, check out the infamous Coco Bongo , The City Cancun, Mandala Cancun and Palazzo Cancun for the biggest parties and talented celebrities performing or showing off their prowess as a DJ.

Spring Break Cancun Tips

  1. Stick together, always move around with a buddy or a group, safety in numbers!
  2. Don’t carry tonnes of cash or flash it around. This is simply “city common sense”, but that often goes out the window after a few drinks. Use the hotel safe to guard your valuables and important documents, only carry with you what you absolutely need.
  3. Stay away from drugs, period, and be cautious with your drinking. Public intoxication puts you at risk not only of being a victim of a crime or an accident but being arrested and taken to the jail which we can assure you is not nearly as nice as your resort.
  4. Be respectful! Yes, you’ve come to party but don’t leave your manners behind, you are a guest in Mexico and we ask that you be respectful of people and property, particularly any historical sites or nature reserves.

Spring Break Cancun is traditionally a dynamic time of year to visit and a whole lot of fun. Plan ahead, be prepared and use common sense to enjoy the ultimate Cancun vacation. Ask us how we can help with Cancun airport transfers, Cancun tours and anything else you need to make this the best Cancun vacation ever!


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